electrical power cable splicing testing
20 Oct

NCSCB Testing Furthers Our Trade

NCSCB Testing Furthers Our Trade

NCSCB offers both written and practical exams to allow students to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and abilities in splicing and terminating shielded electrical power cable. After passing both exams, students receive a certification card in the specialties that were tested and move on to further the trade.

Candidates for the electrical power cable tests should work primarily as construction/industrial or specialty electricians/linemen for an electrical utility or an electrical contractor engaged in network systems, underground distribution construction and maintenance, or commercial/industrial installations. At least two years of work in the medium voltage shielded power cable industry is required to take the exams.

Check back often for information about future written and practical exam dates here.

The costs for each exam varies, all information about the testing process can be found here.

We’re training the future’s cable splicers, one examination at a time!