Event Waiver/Disclaimer

I hereby certify that I have worked in the medium voltage cable splicing and terminating industry for at least two (2) years.

By the submission of this application I affirm that all information entered herein is accurate and I understand that if any statement made on this application is false, inaccurate or incomplete, I may be denied eligibility for certification or my certification may be suspended or revoked.

I agree that I will not remove or take any examination materials from the testing site, nor will I alter any testing material or assist others therein. I further agree that I will not duplicate or transmit, by any method, to any person or entity, any information about test questions or results without the expressed written permission of the NCSCBinc. I agree to sign any and all confidentiality statements that may be required of me by the NCSCBinc.

The NCSCBinc. . reserves the right to deny admission to any NCSCBinc. examination if proper identification is not presented, or if the administration of the examination has begun and/or if the examinee fails to comply with the provisions of this application. I am aware that I am responsible for providing any PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for the Practical Examination and that proper attire and footwear is required during the practical examination. (i.e. No shorts, sandals, flip-flops, etc.)

I agree and understand that the decisions of the examination evaluators are final and that I will accept the results of the examination and of the reporting of the examination scores. I further agree that I will not hold the NCSCBinc. or examination evaluators responsible for poor or failing test scores. Any and all questions regarding the test results shall be submitted in writing to the NCSCBinc. Board of Directors.

All participants have one year from their test-date to complete the certification. After the one-year has passed, if the certification has not been obtained, the participant must retake the exams.

Annual membership dues: $100 per year. The examination fees cover the first twelve months upon certification after which the remaining months of the second year will be prorated out from the month of examination through December in the second year of certification. Dues thereafter will then be payable each calendar year on January 1st.

Testing fees for new test:
Written examination: $375.00
Manufactured Kits examination: $1200.00
Hand-Applied Tape examination: $1200.00

Retest fees:
Written examination: $375.00

Manufactured Kits retest:
One Accessory: $800.00
Two Accessories: 1000.00
Three Accessories: $1200.00
Hand-Applied Tape retest: $1200.00

If you would like to participate in a scheduled test event that is inside the 45 business days, please contact the NCSCBinc. @ (678) 498-2884.

Letters will be sent to all examinees notifying of their reporting / test date and time. Please show up 30 minutes prior to exam start.
All applicants must register and pay online. No mailed or faxed registrations will be accepted.

Any testing outside the continental 48 states “Alaska, Hawaii and all other U.S. Territories” will be accessed additional shipping fees.